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We work with other people to achieve significant and beneficial change. Which, you may not be surprised to hear, is rather easier said than done. 


If we ever forget that we have to take other people fully into account, or if we lose focus on the change that is the ultimate goal – well, things falter. On the other hand, if people are connected to change and to co-productive working, they can achieve extraordinary results.


This insight, and the learning associated with it, forms the core of our practice, as demonstrated in the five examples below. We have recently been commissioned (Aug 2023) to undertake a major review and development of the Lambeth Living Well Collaborative, an innovative collaboration in mental heath services that launched in 2010 to transform services in the borough for MH service users adn their families and carers. 

in addition our work in 2019-2020 in collaboration with longstanding colleagues, Sign Graphic Design, for TuVida (formerly Carers Trust East Midlands) on their 'story' and to create images and materials for their rebrand and relaunch in September 2020 can be seen throughout their website:

What we do

Case studies

After Tomorrow

Co-creating future scenarios for children and young people in Lambeth to 2027: this programme was part of working alongside the new Public Health team in Lambeth to use innovative methods to develop its work. 

Work to 'get it right' for Black Asian and Ethnic Minority Women in maternity services

Leading an Open Space event via Zoom in October 2020 to develop practical action to change the experience for BAME women in Lewisham working with the Maternity Voices Partnership

Dance United Yorkshire: Resi/Dance project

PSW is leading the action research study working alongside this special 4 year community dance programme in Holme Wood Estate, Bradford, till 2023. The work will track learning and draw broader insights for dance and community wellbeing.

WildlifeDirect, Kenya

Working with leading conservation NGO WildlifeDirect to create major Open Space events that aim for lasting change, including successful events via Zoom in June 2020.

ADVANCE Programme

Crystallising the learning from a three year action research study of the impact of ADVANCE, a mentoring programme for leaders of local charities in The Carers Trust Network

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