New ways of thinking & doing in difficult times.



Do you recognise yourself ?


You're a high wire act - and you're juggling at the same time.

How can you 'do transformation' at the same time as continuing to deliver day by day?

You care - and that sometimes means that you despair.

Why in public services are increased access and improved quality expected from fewer resources?

You miss thinking time

When was the last time you had a serious, open discussion with peers or anyone else?


Let's talk.


PublicServiceWorks is committed to working with leaders and communities to explore how the basic values of public service can form the core of innovative and transformative collaborations.

Project highlights.


Evaluation of the Camden Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Report delivered February 14. Click for more information

Tower Hamlets Public Health - Healthy Child Review Autumn 2013

See project webpages at

What do you think the future holds?

Future scenarios project for anti-poverty NGO, the Brotherhood of St

Laurence, Melbourne, Australia - see website



Current work.





Publication June 2014 : Sustaining the Note of Hope: music, dementia and meaningful lives, for the Rayne foundation - click here

The Participation Agency - Research report: Fostering Meaningful Engagement June 2014 - read more here

Carers Trust: evaluation of ADVANCE mentoring programme for senior local network partner leaders/boards, one year project from July 2014

Research on Traumatic Brain Injury for the Ajahma Charitable Trust

The importance of long term social support for survivors and their families published May 2014. Download publication here.






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